Monday, August 5, 2013

paradigm shift needed

Trying to keep in the habit of blogging. Hm.

The cat is on my kneeling chair, trying to brutally murder his tail and/or the chair. The boy is sleeping. (Apparently, there is a difference between awake and rested, as his Algebra work this morning demonstrates.) And The Girl is making a whistling-wind noise with her mouth. She'll do this for another five minutes and then start gagging. No one knows why.

See? La vida loca!

I've already looked at the Calvert package I got for 8th grade. Oh my. This is like... real school. You know, where the kid mostly does it all day and gets evenings and weekends off? It can no longer be just something he does in his spare time when he feels up to it. It's his full-time job to do school. Yikes. That's going to require a paradigm shift. Responsibility and diligent work. During the day. Oh dear. What do I do now? First stop: the sleep clinic, to pick up a quart of ether for school nights. Oh, okay, the pediatrician on Thursday. Fine. Sheesh.

1 comment:

Sarah said...

ETHER. THAT'S what's missing from our bedtime routine ;)